Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lower Elementary Store

Will and Elana's school has two lower elementary classes. Each year the students make items (baked goods, crafts, etc) and open a store to the whole school to raise money for their class camping trips. This year Will passed the test to be a cashier--he was SO excited! Good job Will!

Granny's Bday

Good times hanging out at Granny's and getting frozen yogurt:

Saturday, May 21, 2016

iEmpower Dance

We stumbled upon a dance company one night at small group. Elana loved watching the dancers and we decided to sign her up for the following semester. Elana's class met once a week (intro to ballet/jazz) as well as some pretty intense rehearsal sessions two weeks before the recital. We are so proud of her and most importantly, she had fun!

Thanks Kara!

Kara, you were a true gift from God for our family. :) Best of luck as you plant new roots; we will miss you!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


We were able to leave winter behind and travel to Club Med Cancun with Colin's family. These trips are always epic! We celebrated Will's birthday and did tons of other activities like swimming, sandcastle contest, snorkeling, trapeze, sailing, kayaking, shows, mini-golf, salsa dancing, playground time, eating meals in peace, slip-n-slide, pinata party, face-painting, beach napping, ping pong, tennis, basketball, and my personal favorite, eating chips and guacamole every day! Thank you Bill, Edie, Rachel, and Andy for a very special trip! 

birthday gift from the kids club

Will wanted a dolphin party

it's time to blow out your candles...

or throw your face into the cake because you read that's what some people do in Mexico!

these guys were everywhere

they chose the same breakfast